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Whether itís an association-wide strategic plan or a targeted approach to a specific task, Oliver can help your organization develop an effective, practical plan that produces results.  His probing questions help to clearly define the issues and uncover creative solutions tailored to the organizationís needs.

Too often, well-crafted strategies fail in execution.  Oliver can develop implementation plans that energize volunteers and staff, build organizational momentum and guarantee results. 

Is your organization built to last?  Oliver can analyze your structure, identify weak points and bottlenecks, and develop a reorganization plan that maximizes efficiency and ensures your organization can respond effectively to a changing environment.

Looking for ways to do more with less Ė without killing your most valuable resource?  Oliver can help you put together a staffing structure that enhances your teamís performance, improves member service and creates an energetic workplace.

How effective are your board meetings?  Are bylaws, policies and procedures empowering or oppressive?  Is decision-making informed?  Your organizationís governance is key to success.  Oliver can provide you with insightful analysis and governance improvement plans to maximize your associationís success. 

Oliverís leadership development programs go beyond job descriptions and legal duties.  Using interactive case studies and engaging exercises, Oliver helps leaders internalize the skills they need to be successful Ė be it the Board Chair or a committee volunteer.

Strategy Development
Strategy Implementation
Organizational Redesign
Staff Productivity Enhancement
Governanace Analysis and Design
Leadership Training and Development

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